Amplifying Voice.
Unleashing Potential.

"Who needs to hear your voice? What do they need to hear you say?" These are the first two questions we ask people when working together. We have found that by asking these questions people start to realize that their thoughts and opinions are important and that their voice has value.

We specialize in creating spaces, designing projects and implementing programs that give people the tools they need to access their voice, while co-creating a platform with them to tell their story to the world. In this communal process of telling and sharing stories through original works of arts, we aim to cultivate a greater sense of empathy between people from different backgrounds. All people might not share the same story, but once someone encounters another person’s experience that person walks through the world differently. We believe that when a young person discovers his voice, or a teacher begins to tell their story, or a corporate executive connects to her team in a new way, then we can unleash our potential and realize that our differences are our strength.

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what we offer


We offer professional development sessions designed for educators and youth development professionals, and Creative Team Building workshops for groups of adults looking to maximize team culture and connectivity.

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Creative Projects &
Youth Workshops

We specialize in designing and implementing creative projects and workshops that allow for self-expression, collaboration, and the celebration of the power of youth to activate audiences and create change.

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Curriculum Writing & Program Design

We offer custom curriculum writing services and program design to organizations and schools in need of scalable, SEL-rich programming. We specialize in programming for 6-12th grade and early college.

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